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At The DIY Ham we celebrate the roots of Amateur Radio. Starting with the first amateur, Guglielmo Marconi in 1901, amateurs (or hams as most prefer to be called) have made significant contributions and enabled advances in technology. From improvements to the old spectrum hogging spark gap transmitters of Marconi’s age, using vacuum tubes and more refined electronic designs, to inventions that have enabled the current cell phone explosion, hams have been a significant part of advancing the art of communications, world wide, for more than a century.

We honor the time when the right of passage for a new ham was to build your first radios from simple, tried and true vacuum tube designs, while we also welcome the digital revolution and amazing amounts of processing power we have at our finger tips. Above all, we support the DIY spirit of today’s ham to find unique solutions to simple and complex problems along with their ability to find new ways of doing things that push technology and change the world.

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The New Normal of Life

Like many of you, life here at the DIY Ham has been a challenge these last few years. When we started the DIY Ham it was our intent to be a little more timely with posting projects and various tidbits of info. Alas, that did not materialize. Every time we thought we might be gettingContinue reading “The New Normal of Life”

Flagpole Antenna – My Version

Those of us who live on small, urban lots, or live under the auspices of HOAs or CCRs, routinely lament the frustrations of a limited ability to get on HF with a good antenna system. In recent decades an entire subculture of ham radio has sprung up in the area of stealth/invisible antennas that can be put up either hiding in plain site, camouflaged to blend in, or both. One of the most unique, to me, is the “Flagpole” antenna. This article describes my experience designing and building my version.

Welcome to the DIY Ham

Welcome to the DIY Ham Where we celebrate the Do-It-Yourself spirit of Amateur Radio! I know this is a little out of order, as far as introductions are concerned, but my first post about the patron saint of ham radio was just so interesting I couldn’t resist. Anyway, here we are. Welcome to my humbleContinue reading “Welcome to the DIY Ham”

About – WA4OPE

My name is Dave Hewlett, WA4OPE. Welcome to my site. I’ve been a ham, on and off, since 1976. Though I’ve not always been active in the hobby, my interests in electronics and DIY have been a large part of all my endeavors. Please enjoy your time here and explore the many facets of this incredible hobby we all enjoy.

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