SP3RN The Patron Saint of Amateur Radio

Yes you read that right, SP3RN is considered the patron saint of amateur radio. You see SP3RN belonged to a Polish Conventual Franciscan Friar named Maximilian Kolbe who was arrested by the SS in WWII and sent to Auschwitz for, among other things, using his amateur station to report on the atrocities being perpetrated by the Nazis on the Polish people. He would later volunteer to be sent to starve to death in place of another prisoner. He would be canonized in 1982 as a martyr by Pope John Paul II. You can learn more about this amazing amateur at the links below.

Biography Online: Maximilian Kolbe
IV3VJH Amateur Radio Station: Maximilian Kolbe SP3RN Patron saint amateur radio
Wikipedia: Maximilian Kolbe

One thought on “SP3RN The Patron Saint of Amateur Radio

  1. A wonderful article. I’m interesting in building one according to your design. The commercially available ones (Zero Five, Greyline and Giga Parts) are rather expensive. I live in an HOA and my end-fed half wave is only 15 ft. above ground, so it radiates practically straight up. A vertical, disguised as a flagpole should be a big improvement.
    Carl Guastaferro W6CG


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