Welcome to the DIY Ham

Welcome to the DIY Ham

Where we celebrate the Do-It-Yourself spirit of Amateur Radio!

I know this is a little out of order, as far as introductions are concerned, but my first post about the patron saint of ham radio was just so interesting I couldn’t resist. Anyway, here we are. Welcome to my humble site where we hope to highlight various DIY projects that I’m working on, or have completed, and those of you, the reader, in the area of ham radio.

My name is Dave Hewlett, WA4OPE, and I’ve been a ham, on and off, since my teenage years in the late 1970’s. I was first licensed in Plant City Florida in Jr. High School at our radio club. My first Elmer, Brian Glenn (WB4SWS) taught many of us about the hobby of ham radio and introduced us to people from around the world at our school station (WB4DTH) in his classroom. The love of electronics has stayed with me these many years, and though I took a break from radio following high school and joining the Navy, I eventually came back to it in 2002 getting my Technician license, followed up in 2017 when I tested for General and Extra.

Since rejoining the community of ham radio I’ve been increasingly interested in building various aspects of my home, mobile, and portable stations, and that is the genesis of this website. It is my hope that many of you will join in sharing your projects, tips, thoughts, failures (yes we do learn from mistakes), and obviously successes. So welcome aboard.

Dave, WA4OPE, The DIY Ham

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