The New Normal of Life

Like many of you, life here at the DIY Ham has been a challenge these last few years. When we started the DIY Ham it was our intent to be a little more timely with posting projects and various tidbits of info. Alas, that did not materialize. Every time we thought we might be getting ahead and would have time to get some content published, another pull from life would tug and we had to respond. But I think we are in a position to get back to it, so I thank those who have visited the site and provided generous comments. I only hope that our future posts will be useful to the community.

To that end I want to give you a preview of a couple of articles that we are currently working on:

  • Go Kits – A look at portable stations for various needs and situations. In this article we will address a number of concepts and questions that the ham needs to understand and answer to get the most from their investments of time and equipment. We will also look at various examples assembled by WA4OPE, and possibly others if we can persuade them to share.
  • 3D Printing – Sometimes viewed as one of the holy grails of diy, it is a new frontier for the DIY Ham thanks to Christmas gift giving. This will be a basic overview and chronical of my learning curve with tidbits and links to resources that have been very helpful.
  • Portable Antennas – This will likely be a series that will look at the various options for antennas and will include: dipoles, end feeds, whips, and loops. Maybe I can get some of my acquaintances to contribute. We’ll see. 🙂

Well that’s it for now. More to follow, soon I hope.

Dave – WA4OPE, The DIY Ham

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