Flagpole Antenna – My Version

Those of us who live on small, urban lots, or live under the auspices of HOAs or CCRs, routinely lament the frustrations of a limited ability to get on HF with a good antenna system. In recent decades an entire subculture of ham radio has sprung up in the area of stealth/invisible antennas that can be put up either hiding in plain site, camouflaged to blend in, or both. One of the most unique, to me, is the “Flagpole” antenna. This article describes my experience designing and building my version.

SP3RN The Patron Saint of Amateur Radio

Yes you read that right, SP3RN is considered the patron saint of amateur radio. You see SP3RN belonged to a Polish Conventual Franciscan Friar named Maximilian Kolbe who was arrested by the SS in WWII and sent to Auschwitz for, among other things, using his amateur station to report on the atrocities being perpetrated byContinue reading “SP3RN The Patron Saint of Amateur Radio”